Friday, June 24, 2011

From the 19th floor, with dogs

I'm now three stops into this tour, and it's been a delight so far.

As I type this, I still have a beard.

Lev Grossman interviewed me at the 92nd St Y, and it was funny and glorious and he had amazingly shiny shoes and should have his own chat show.

The Big Gay Ice Cream Van was a huge success too.

Then I flew to Portsmouth New Hampshire, defying the rain gods, discovering that they have a submarine in a park that looks as if it is preparing to become a subterranean. Beautiful theatre, loverly people. The extra-loverly people at River Run bookstore should still have lots of signed books by me for sale and will ship them anywhere. I was interviewed on the Music Hall stage for NHPR's WORD OF MOUTH by the beautiful and funny Virginia Prescott, or as I will now always think of her, Crystal Ball-breaker.

Tonight it's WITS at the Fitzgerald Theatre. It'll be streaming and you should watch it. I guarantee strange things will happen.

Famed Periodical The Onion has started its campaign for a Pulitzer Prize. They asked if I'd make a video of me talking to the Pulitzer Committee for them, and I recorded this video.

I recommend watching the others - so far I'm a particular fan of the Ricky Gervais, the Mark Gatiss and the Ira Glass.

I'm in a hotel room in St Paul, along with two dogs, an assistant and a daughter, who all picked me up at the airport. It's odd being (sort of) home in the middle of a tour - normally I start here or finish here. This time I don't even get home to my house, so I am particularly glad that they all came out to see me.

I am not looking forward to getting Cabal into the lift (er, elevator) back down again. It went fine coming up, but he now knows what it is and will probably have remembered that he doesn't like elevators.

Neil Gaiman's photo The lovely @maddyg44 and two bemused  dogs up on the 19th floor. If you're going to be at #wits tonight they'll be there.
Neil Gaiman on WhoSay


The biggest news stories of the day: Gene Colan passed away. He never drew anything I wrote, we never worked together, I never met him. But I loved his art. Here's Mark Evanier to tell you who he was and what made him special.


And if you're thinking of going to Canada, or leaving Canada, then you should read this: The latest Comic Book Legal Defense Fund case - they've agreed to help the Canadian Comic Legends Legal Defense Fund in defending a young man who had some Manga on his computer.

I'll write more about it soon.

In the meantime, if anyone tells you that mucky Manga shouldn't be defended, point them to

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