Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Happy Solstice. And Publication Day.

Today is the publication day of AMERICAN GODS - the Tenth Anniversary Edition and the Full-Cast Audio of American Gods. It's ten years and two days since American Gods was published (two days, because publication days are Tuesday. They just are. It is mysterious and inexplicable). Here's the journal from June 2001...

This afternoon - 4 pm Eastern Time -- is a live Webchat. I'm interviewed by Kurt Andersen, and answering some of your questions as well. (Damn. Was off being interviewed and missed the chance to post this. You can watch it again, though, at

In two hours it's the 92nd St Y talk, where I'm interviewed by Lev Grossman.

Right this minute I have a beard. I do not think there is going to be time to shave it off today. We will see how long into the tour it lasts.

The TOUR details are over at Where's Neil.

I think everything's sold out right now except the Saban Theatre LA event with Patton Oswalt interviewing me. The LA stop will be the last one of the tour and possibly the strangest, in ways I have not even warned Patton about yet. (The Late Late Craig Ferguson Show tickets in LA are also now all gone.) They are also down to the last dozen or so WITS tickets in St Paul. (Me! Josh Ritter! Songs! Heckles by Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett!)

Right. I am off to the 92nd St Y. There will be a Big Gay Ice Cream Van there -- the official Ice Cream of the American Gods Book Tour (no, I do not know what this will mean either). (except that there will be ice cream.) This is Molly Crabapple's American Gods-Big Gay Ice Cream Poster

Right. Off to the 92nd St Y. Oh, I just noticed a Tweet from @Biggayicecream saying they will be serving American Globs and Loki Lime Pie tonight...

Click post on this and zoom.

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