Monday, June 07, 2010

Welcome to Cabal Week!

Greetings from your humble web goblin!

While Mr. G is busy meeting deadlines and fulfilling obligations, I will be posting pictures of Cabal and re-posting Cabal-centric entries.

(NOTE: "Cabal Week" is not actually scheduled to be a week long. As mapped out, it will run for a fortnight, covering a single narrative arc I like to think of as "Cabal: Year One".)

Neverwear ran a contest earlier this year to create a graphic depiction of Cabal. I liked the nominees so much, I decided to create a new set of journal sidebar images, which will randomly rotate for the duration.

photo most likely by Kyle Cassidy

reprinted from Some animal thoughts... (Monday, April 30, 2007)

On the way home from the recording, driving through the rain, just as I pulled off the freeway to head home, I saw a large, pale dog on the side of the sliproad. I went in a couple of seconds from a first glance thought of "Oh, he's just wandering around and knows exactly what he's doing," to, on a second glance, "He's absolutely terrified and if he isn't actually lost he's really scared of all the cars and in danger of bolting onto the freeway."

I pulled over, crossed the road and hurried across to where he was. He backed away, skittish and nervous, then came over to me, shaking. No collar or information, just a choke chain. And big. And very wet and very muddy. With cars going past, I decided the wisest thing to do was to put him into my car while I figured out what to do. The car was the Mini. I opened the door and he clambered in. The dog took up most of the Mini that I wasn't in and a fair amount of the Mini that I was in. Big dog, small car.

I phoned my assistant Lorraine, and asked her to let the local Humane Society (really nice people with a no kill policy) know we'd be coming in soon with a dog, then I drove home, narrowly avoiding death on the way (it's amazing how much you can't see when a huge dog fills the car and your field of vision). I ran around the garden with Dog until he'd tired me out. (I really hope he'd just got lost, and his family are looking for him; it would be hard to imagine someone abandoning a dog that cool.) Then I put him into the back of a car much bigger than the Mini and took him to the Humane Society, where they fawned all over him. ("I think he's a husky-wolf cross," said the Humane lady who took him, and she could be right.)

I think he's probably a survivor too.

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