Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Andre may have a posse, but Cabal has a cabal.

I realized yesterday that, due to quirks of scheduling, I've spent more time with Cabal than I have with Mr. G. On the other hand, Cabal isn't as good about updating his twitter.

Tangential Note: Kitty, she of Neverwear, would like it known that the Cabal postcards, bearing the winning images from the contest, will be a bit delayed, as she is currently working the Lady Gaga tour.


reprinted from Infernal Devices (1 May 2007)

The Dog is fine -- we called the Humane Society and he's impounded for a week (which means I couldn't go over and say hullo and take him for a walk). Fred is back from the vet. We still have three goldfish.


Dear Neil,

Can you or someone please post pics of that "cool dog" you found? First, I'd just like to see him. Second, maybe (maybe!) someone will recognize him!


Sure. He wasn't easy to photograph, mostly because he kept moving. This was the best one I got yesterday (you can't really see the wolfy ears, but they are there)...

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