Saturday, June 05, 2010

Not dead yet

I know. You thought I was dead. Or the blog was...

I hope you are doing well.

You don't need someone to write to you to tell you how busy you are... you are living it... but inquiring minds wish to know... is the blog dying? Is it gasping it's final breaths before giving up the ghost? Should we send flowers?

From a non-twitterer (non-twit?)
Just curious,


Dear Neil,

We miss you.

Your blog readers.

I miss you too.

I promised myself I would get on top of the deadlines that are currently on top of me before I started blogging again. I thought it would be about ten days. It's now pushing six weeks. So much to blog...

Soon. Two scripts, one to finish and hand in, the other needing one more rewrite, with people sort of waiting and starting to hold their breath and tapping the tabletops with their fingertips and muttering about production schedules. Writing as fast as I can. Then I blog once more, as my reward to myself.

In the meantime, This is Lola. She's about 4 months old. A lot more about her, and where she comes from when the blog resumes:

...and since I'm here, if you're in New York on Tuesday June 15th, please come to this: and see me and Joe Hill, Kurt Andersen, Jeffrey Ford, Walter Mosley, and my co-editor Al Sarrantonio read from STORIES, and talk about fiction and such. Signed books will be available. It will be fun.

(Our first reviews for STORIES are in...,0,3929896.story and

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