Friday, June 11, 2010

RT @neilhimself: Possibly not entirely unexpected news

Week one of "Cabal Week", aka "Cabal Fortnight", aka "Cabal: Year One" fittingly ends here.

Cabal: Noble, valiant steed Cabal will carry you across
        this river, m'lady.
Amanda: Aww, does Cabal-dabble need some muzzle scritchies?
Cabal: ...

reprinted from Possibly not entirely unexpected news (2 May 2007)

I seem to have acquired a dog.

I got a call today to say that the owner of the dog I found on Monday had called the Humane Society and collected him. I was happy Dog was back with his family, but found myself rather sadder than I would have expected -- I realised I'd half hoped that maybe no-one would claim him.

The call went on to say that the dog's owner, a local farmer, who kept him chained up in the yard, and couldn't walk well so couldn't walk him, thought the dog was a nuisance, always getting out and heading onto the freeway and sooner or later he'd cause an accident, and, when the Humane Society lady mentioned that the person who found him rather liked him, he told her that if I came over and picked him up I could have him.

So I did.

The farmer said he thought the dog was a white German Shepherd. I think he's a German Shepherd labrador cross, but I'm probably wrong.

We seem to be getting on very well so far.

I was planning to blog about an amazing morning with bees and haircuts and about how Jouni is illustrating How To Talk to Girls At Parties.

But this entry is just about the dog, who doesn't quite have a name yet, and wouldn't stay still to have his photo taken, so eventually I dragged him into the office and turned on Photobooth...

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