Thursday, March 18, 2010

Hugged to death

Aching, tired and really happy: leaving Manila after two days, having signed books for hundreds of people (and, the way of this place, having not signed books for thousands of people). I was there for the third Philippine Graphic/Fiction award. I started the award back in 2005, with Jaime Daez from Fully Booked (they do all the hard work and heavy lifting. I just put up the prize money). I'm just thrilled to see the quality of SF/horror/fantastic fiction coming out of the Philippines.

Two boxes of gifts are being sent home. In my luggage, just one box of chocnut, a package of dried mangoes, a book and a bottle of local rum (because posting alcohol is sometimes problematic).

Now in an airport lounge. I fly to Amsterdam, where I change planes and go to Warsaw. Tomorrow (Saturday) I accompany Amanda to Wroclaw, where she's playing a festival. Then she comes with me to Warsaw, where I'm doing interviews and a signing.

It's at Empik Junior Marszalkowska Str, where I do a Q&A at 5 pm and a signing at 6 on Monday the 22nd.

And from Poland I go to Moscow, where I talk and sign on the 24th and 25th. (Details over at Where's Neil - Come and say hello, and spread the word on Russian blogs and LJs - I've never been to Russia before and have no idea what to expect, or if anyone will turn up or not...

Before I fly away I want to say thank you to the people here in Manila. I've never felt so loved. And never been so hugged. Thank you all, so much. (Lots of coverage of the Award and photos of the Award Ceremony at gaiman in manila 2010)

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