Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Fully Booked - Me In Manila - More Information - Free!

Just to remind everyone (because the Fully Booked website at is a little unclear) tonight's Prize Giving event at the Rockwell Tent at 7 pm is Free. Fully Booked is also giving away tonight the 100 tickets for tonight's signing. They will be raffled off to everyone who turns up, using a computer randomizer to pick people.

Tomorrow's signing event is at 4 pm at North Court, Power Plant Mall. It's for about 500 people. That's the one that you had to buy 2K of books to get your books signed.

Tonight at Rockwell, Fully Booked will also be giving away 50 free signing passes for the signing tomorrow. These are again going to be drawn at random by the magic of computer.

As a last thing, I was handed late last night the two books of award winners in comics and in prose from the Philippine Graphic/Fiction Awards that Fully Booked and I have been sponsoring for the last 5 years. They are really solid, good-looking books I'm proud to have been a part of helping to bring into existence. They'll be on sale tonight -- but only after the award winners are announced (because the winners are in there and we don't want to give it away).

I'll pre-sign a bunch of them today that Fully Booked will have on sale tonight.

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