Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Quick One From Moscow

I was in Poland. First to see Amanda open a music festival in Wroclaw (which, by the time I left Poland, I had decided is pronounced something fairly closed to Vrotswaf) and then we went to Warsaw, where I did lots of interviews, and we filmed a segment for Polish Breakfast TV ("It is about people coming to Warsaw as romantic destination"*) and I did a signing while Amanda did a ninja gig in a nightclub basement.

My publishers kept me fed.

And then there was a half day that was meant to be sightseeing, but I spent it having a bad cold or something and sort of trying to sleep it off. In the morning Amanda flew home, and in the afternoon I flew to Moscow. I am writing this in my extremely fancy hotel.

Today there is a signing at 6 pm at BiblioGlobus (st. Myasnitskaya, 6 / 3, p.1), followed at 8 pm by a reception in a literary club bar Literary Club "Comma" (bar "Friday", ul. Pyatnitskaya, 3 / 4, building 1, entrance free)

Tomorrow there are two signings: at 5 pm I am signing at Moscow House of Books on the Arbat (Novy Arbat, 8) . Then at 7 pm (not currently listed in Where's Neil) I'm signing at DodoSpace (

I'm not really sure how the word gets around on things in Moscow, so if you're reading this and you're in this part of the world, please tell people.


And you should go and look at CRAFTS FOR A CAUSE -- lots of cool musician/actor types making magical things to benefit Haiti. I was in a hotel in Hollywood without anything much to make art with, so Cat Mihos donated two tee shirts and two uncut four-panel postcards from, and I made art all over them. You can see them (and me doing it) at this auction link.


* this just came in.

Dear Mr Gaiman,

"A Date in Warsaw" is now available at

or direct link to the video stream, if you prefer not to watch it on Windows:


I get some strange demon-like voice interjection in the middle. Hope it's due to my slow Internet connection and not an actual evil spirit trying to spoil your stay in Warsaw.

Best regards,

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