Tuesday, March 16, 2010

From the Eternal Transit Lounge Of My Soul etc

In Changi Airport, changing planes. Tomorrow and Wednesday are my events in Manila (hurrah!). Then Poland and seeing Amanda again (I miss her already).

Just nipping on to mention a little more information that came in on MOSCOW events.

Greetings from Russia, Neil,

You've asked in your post from 14/03 to tell you about the details of your Russian signings. Now that I've come across your post, I feel it my duty to inform you that at 6 p.m. on March, 24th you have a signing at Biblio-Globus Bookstore ( And before that - yet another one at a literary Cafe (I suppose, it's going to be more of an informal interview) at the Pyatnitsa (Friday) Bar - 8 p.m., March, 23rd. (NOTE: According to the publisher's website, this event is on the 24th, not the 23rd. -- web goblin)

Excuse me my English - I could've written everything in Russian, and it would certainly sound better, but I fear, you would've not been able to understand a word of it.

Anyway, hope this info will come in handy.

And - your Russian readers will be waiting for you (it's in no way a threat, just expressing my joy)

Someone wrote to say

Dude... has no one ever handed you a list of exactly what's planned for your own tour dates and whatnot? Kind of wierd to go on your blog and ask people for information you of all people ought to have. Not being snarky, just very confused.

And the answer is, normally, yes, I get that information. I post it here when I do.

And the Russians have been amazingly helpful about getting me Visa information, hotel and travel details, all that, when we needed it. But they hadn't sent actual signing and event information, although we'd asked. I don't think asking the world was weird. It worked, after all - the information came in from the world before it came in from the publishers. (Who might not even know that there are Russian readers reading this blog.)

oops. I have a plane to catch. I land at 11:10 in Manila. Then, I sleep.