Friday, May 29, 2009

Book Expo Day the first. And the last.

Very quick version: CORALINE musical ( a wonderful use of Theatre, very haunting and strange. I liked the second-half better, as it felt more and more dreamlike (although CORALINE isn't a dream story). I wonder what someone who had never encountered the story in any form would think, especially during the end when the Other Mother's hand is defeated? I love the songs, the ones I had heard before and the ones I had not, and look forward to the cast album.

And am really looking forward to the first night on Monday.

Was given an award today at BEA and I announced that my publishers would be running a competition for independent bookshops to get me for a signing in December from the podium, which came as a bit of a surprise to my publishers who knew nothing about it. Luckily they liked the idea, and so I will announce here in a day or so how the independent bookshop Neil Signing Competition will happen (a hint: it will involve having a party) (at hallowe'en) (themed around the Graveyard Book) (and the winner will get me to come to their shop and sign books in December). Details to follow.

I did a signing -- I had an hour to sign for 100 people, and somehow managed to sign for over 170 people in the hour, personalising books for most of them. Not sure how I did it, and was braindead when it was done. Saw lots of old friends, too, who all thought that me-signing time would be a great time to chat, and all of them were sadly disappointed.

Off now to Audie Awards. Do not expect to win any, because historically I am always nominated and never win. Still, I shall wear my three nominee medallions with pride. 

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