Thursday, May 28, 2009

Scrapbook, and cats.

In five minutes I head for my gate to fly to NY. So some quick photographs, courtesy of Kyle Cassidy.

This is Coconut, yawning fiendishly.

Next are two photographs of me and Zoe, who is blind and lives in a bedroom in the attic.



Me. My dog. My house. My grey streak which is really kind of cool.

Pod and Hermione. They are 17, and sweet, but still mad.
Hermione likes me. Pod still hasn't made up her mind.

And finally, a couple of shots of my other houseguest of last week, the lovely Amanda Palmer. Off duty and off the web. (I can be seen in the background blogging.)

(I have to ask Kyle is he took any photos of Princess he didn't give me, as she slept in the spare room with him. We didn't see Fred.) Right. To the gate.

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