Saturday, May 30, 2009

Finally not a bridesmaid actually

They give you medallions if you're nominated for an Audie Award, big heavy ones on ribbons. I keep mine at home, draped on the Lisa Snellings Jack in a Box statue. I have lots of them. This is because when I go to the Audies, I do not win the award, but listen as they read off names other than mine to get their lumps of engraved crystal that are the thing you get when you win.

Last night, The Graveyard Book was nominated in three categories: Thriller/suspense, Children's age 8-12, and for Audiobook of the Year.

Thriller/Suspense came first, and when they read off the winner, and, yup. it wasn't me, I resigned myself to another evening of not winning Audies.

When it won Children's 8-12, I thought "I've won an Audie!" and was happy enough thatI instantly resigned myself to someone else winning Audiobook of the Year.

And then, the last award of the evening was for Audiobook of the Year.

The Graveyard Book Won.

I went up on stage and babbled a bit, and thanked Michael Conroy (my director) and Lance Neal (editor and production) and Ana Maria Alessi (awesome publisher of Audio and digital at Harpers) and should have thanked Bela Fleck, who read on this blog that I wanted a version of Danse Macabre with banjo in it and promptly did the amazing one that's on the Audiobook for us, and completely forgot to thank Merrilee my agent who was there in the audience glowing with agently pride.

Then stumbled off to dinner with friends and was delighted.

People ask whether winning awards means anything when you've already won some, and sometimes it means more and sometimes it means less. But The Graveyard Book winning Audiobook of the Year means more than I can say.

So here is the Magical Audio Widget that the curious may listen to Chapter One for nothing. (and of course, you can watch and hear me read the whole book at

Big happy smile.

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