Tuesday, October 02, 2007

puts you there where things are hollow

This came in from Lenny in email, labelled Fat Charlie and Rosie at the Wine Bar.

The Criterion Event was lovely, if short, and the signing that followed was pleasant, if long. And I am now braindead, so will sleep, pausing only to refer you to Stephen Fry blogging on the nature of fame.

(Today I walked past an old friend who happens to be famous. We've not seen each other in 25 years. I recognised him as he passed me, and saw him wince at the moment he noticed someone had realised who he was. Just a tiny wince, and he hadn't recognised that I was me, and I knew that if I'd called out and identified myself we would have had a very pleasant conversation and he would have been happy to see me, but after that wince it was easier to leave him alone, walking down the street, unbothered...)

And here's an extract from Shaun Tan's beautiful, haunting, dislocated book, The Arrival.

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