Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Walking the Green Carpet

The trouble is, you can't talk about something like tonight without sounding either like a namedropping ass who is tremendously pleased with himself, or like someone with no soul, or both ("did Radio 3's The Verb, then junket at Claridges, then premiere, nipped over to Bafta screening for Q&A, then small afterparty. And so to bed").

So I'm going to tell you my favourite part of the evening, which was talking to Kate Magowan about Una (which is the part she plays in the film), and her calling over her husband to meet me, a husband who turned out to be John Simm, who interrupted my stumbling burbles of "ulp Life on Mars erk The Master" with his own starry-eyed "glunk The Sandman!" and pointed out that that meant he'd been a fan of mine for much longer than I'd been a fan of his so hahah and there you go.

I sort of floated out of there, after that. Holly said it was the alcohol, and she may have been right but honestly I do not think so.

(I just googled for photos of the event, and found and More will turn up tomorrow I have no doubt.)

I saw lots of old friends, and I had a wonderful time, and I am glad that I had my family here, and now I am going to sleep excuse me.

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