Monday, October 01, 2007

Thanks, Len

The reason Lenny Henry isn't in these photos is that he took them on his cameraphone. Here's me, Doña (Mrs Noah) and Rudolph (Mr Nancy).

Here's Petra Letang (Rosie) and Matt Lucas (Graham Coats and Tiger). Matt has the best smile of anyone I know. You could run power stations off Matt's smile.

A group shot. That man Lenny Henry took it, and is thus not in it. Clockwise from the pinkness of Matt, Rudolph, Doña, Jocelyn (Daisy), Petra and me.

Me and Matt. I look tired and like I'm ready to be done with touring and go home and spend time in my own bed now if you don't mind thank you. Matt looks luminous.

For the people who are writing in to point out that the Hay website is no longer accepting online ticket bookings for later today, you're right. Now you have to take your chances -- they had 150 tickets left when it closed, so you should be fine... (Just told that they will definitely have tickets on the door...)

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