Thursday, September 20, 2007

mystery tabs...

I just opened up the blogger tab, and found this sitting there:

My sleeping is all messed up. Fell asleep at 6.00pm and slept until 7.15pm and now wide awake at gone midnight. Argh. Going to try to sleep.

If you join up at you can get into the New Victory Theater's WOLVES IN THE WALLS production at a substantial discount.

I assume I wrote it because the probability that elves crept in late last night and left half-finished blog entries is a very small one indeed. I think I was asleep within a few minutes of posting it, if I didn't actually start blogging in my sleep.

I was interviewed yesterday, then napped, then had a wonderful sushi dinner with the people from UIP. So far today I've been interviewed about seven times, but the interviews have been longer and more in depth and the questions are different.

I'll close a few tabs....

Beckett for Babies: of course! I hope that someone will actually publish this.

Someone tries to sell Belgium on eBay. Again, of course! Next time, perhaps they'll succeed.

Jeff Vandemeer's enormous book sale. 819 books still available.

Cory Doctorow on giving away free e-books. I think he's mostly right, and even where I'm unconvinced his research is useful and exhaustive.

There's a meteor in Peru that may be emitting noxious fumes. I have seen enough bad movies to know that the local scientist who told the state press agency that a fallen meteorite did not present any danger unless it hit some structure on impact."None of the meteorites that fall in Peru and make perforations of varied sizes are harmful for people, unless they fall on a house," he said, and denies the reality of noxious fumes will get his comeuppance somewhere in the middle of the second act, about the point where the things start crawling out of the crater.

Stephen Fry is blogging.
About smartphones right now, but wait long enough and he'll be writing about his cat just like everyone else. (For those of you who were about to run to the Ask Neil form, I've been away from home for over a month. I have no idea how my cats are.)

[Edit to add I see the Stephen Fry link is down, or has been replaced by some kind of dodgy page. Trust it'll be back soon.]

There's a second Beowulf trailer up at
which feels more like the film probably does than the first trailer did. Lots of bits of footage in it I'd not seen.

Okay. People have come to take me downstairs for the next round of interviews. Back on my head...