Saturday, September 22, 2007

In search of In Search of Steve Ditko

I had sushi for breakfast in the fishmarket, sushi for lunch, and am about to go and have sushi for dinner. Even the Japanese think I'm pushing it a bit.

Will post fishmarket photos, and the story of my day, as soon as I've digested it a little more (the day, that is. Not the sushi). In the meantime...

Chris Ewen's Hidden Variable project now has its own website at Chris got a bunch of authors to write lyrics for him, mostly Malena to sing them (although Cosi Fanni Tutti sings one, and Claudia Gonson sings my song "unresolving"). The fabulous Lorraine plays violin. You can hear song samples at

Jonathan Ross's In Search of Steve Ditko documentary has, for the moment, crept onto YouTube. (I'm putting some embedded video in here, so if you're reading it on an RSS feed and you can't see the video or links, click on the link to the original post now.)

Here are parts two to six:

and people who complain that I don't smile enough on camera will get to see me with a very goofy grin on my face in the final part, part 7...

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