Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Thirteen interviews into the day and I'm trying hard not to repeat myself -- most popular questions so far this morning are What Are the Themes of Stardust, What Are the Origins of Stardust, and What Is Your Favourite Miyazaki Film?

The hardest bit about doing interviews in foreign languages is the long bit where you wait for your answer to be translated into the tongue of the person interviewing you. I noticed that words like Fantasy and Comedy and Cast seemed to be unchanged, and loanwords in the Japanese, which I can understand -- was more puzzled when a list of colours I'd given was transliterated.

Anyway -- links I've meant to put up here for a while...

The Guardian Great Interviews booklets are also on line

The Dennis Potter Interview is up at the Guardian Website. Best interview in the world, although it's strange to see it written down. Art and death.

I enjoyed the Francis Bacon interview as well (and enjoyed the Damien Hirst introduction). Also art and death.

(The Sex Pistols interview was great TV, especially when you haven't been 16 for three weeks, but I can't see the point of transcribing it really... still, it's at,,2154659,00.html. Art and swearing.)

more later...