Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A nice day

So this is the view from my lovely hotel room. And a bit of the hotel room. (Telescope over on the far right.)

I digitally messed up this photo in order to give less information about stuff around us. So I'm at Studio Ghibli and that's Mr Miyazaki, and me, and Mr Suzuki, his producer.

Mr Miyazaki showed me the Nursery for local children that he's building as a sort of side project. In the foreground is Steve Alpert, VP of Studio Ghibli's international division.

And there's me and Steve Alpert. In colour and not even a bit fuzzed.

(I didn't think that jet-lag was getting to me until I got in the car to go back to the hotel, and then, with no time in-between, we were back at the hotel, and my arm and neck were cramped from the position I'd fallen asleep in...)

[Edit to add... why do I even try to use Picasa to post to the blog? It almost never works. Pictures should now show up. Sorry. ]

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