Monday, September 10, 2007


Holly, my daughter who moved to the UK, had a day seeing the family history sights of Portsmouth and Portchester on Sunday, and came back with a photo of the room I was born in. (From the outside.) For the curious, it looks like this, and is, I am told, the one with the curtains:

and being pedantic sometimes, I saw it and thought, "Every day, dammit. Everyday means something else." But then, I still think that momentarily means for a moment, not in a moment, so don't mind me.


I think this came in less than half an hour after I posted my question. You people are good.

Neil was asking about a Journey to the West Map. Can be found here:

Map's in Chinese though, but should be easy enough to follow - start in Xian in Mid-West China, then heading North West, then making a U-Turn into Afghanistan, Pakistan and then India.

Hope this helps. Just want to quickly thank Neil for signing my stuff in Chengdu, twice.

and then Martyn Drake came in with this --

is perhaps the closest you're going to find for a map of the journey.



and then a dozen of you offered other maps... thanks to you all. Not sure what this'll turn into if anything, but I got interested in Monkey again while in China and wanted to learn more about the cultural stuff that wasn't in the Journey to the West.

Dear Neil,

Why is it that you (almost) never do television interviews? Certainly none that I can find in the UK.

Other than references to one you did in Poland, it seems that your wonderful assistant is particularly wonderful at saying no to the "will your Boss please do television appearances?" part of the job spec. Which seems odd given the number of more speciallised personal appearances that you do make and your expanding profile (not that I'm casting any aspersions upon your dietary habits) in the mainstream public consciousness.

The new run of Jonathon Ross' excellent show would seem like an ideal opportunity - or have you turned it down so many times before that they've decided to stop pestering you and leave you in peace?

I'm guessing that its not a priority because it doesn't connect you personally with your supporters, and with time tight as it is you prefer to focus on human connections? Or maybe the thought is a little too terrifying? Either way, however, it would be lovely if those of us who are ardent supporters but not in the convention-attending mould (for one reason or another) could occasionally get a slice of your off-the-cuff unedited insights and dreams.
Yours in hopeful anticipation

I do some TV -- I think I've mentioned in this blog fairly recently that I've been interviewed for a BBC documentary on Jamie Hewlett, and for one on Steve Ditko (done, oddly enough, by Jonathan Ross). I've been interviewed for film documentaries about Harlan Ellison, Gahan Wilson and H.P. Lovecraft.

I say no when TV documentary teams ask if they can come and live nearby and follow me around for six months (as they do from time to time) but I mostly say yes to documentaries where I think I can say something useful about something or someone I'm interested in.

I'm an author, and as a breed we tend not to do a lot of national TV in the UK (although I always wind up doing TV when I'm, say, Ireland). Mostly authors in the UK go on the radio. I did Jonathan's radio show a few years ago, but I don't actually think I'd be a good fit for his TV show -- it tends, like most TV chat shows, to interviews with Celebrities and with Personalities, and I really hope I'm neither.

But there are lots of video clips listed at
and several hundred more over at, and then there are things like


I see from that the paintings that John did for the Sandman presentation Paul Levitz and I did to Warner Films a few years ago (mostly to explain Sandman to them, because while they knew that many people liked it they hadn't a clue what it was about -- and truthfully, I'm not sure they were much the wiser after the presentation was over) are going up for auction. Jill Thompson did a few hundred black and white pictures and John did several colour paintings of scenes. Here's an illustration he did from Season of Mists:

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