Monday, September 10, 2007

A Poet to a T

Someone asked me about Edgar Allan Poe while I was signing in Mantova a few days ago, which reminded me that I wrote an introduction to a book of illustrated Poe poems and stories which Barnes and Noble published a few years ago. Seeing that their book is now out of print, I don't think anyone would object if I put the essay up here at

It's at
(And for those of you reading this on an RSS feed, you can find it, and many more odd and interesting things at

I know that you are very busy at the moment, but should you find time to mention in your blog that Charles Vess and Charles de Lint will appear together tomorrow night (Monday, Sept. 10th) at Malaprop's Bookstore in Asheville, NC to read, sign books, and answer questions, then I just might be the happiest little bookseller in the world. Pretty please? Much Love, -Gina

easy! I hope that people read this in time.

This has probably already been brought to your attention, but just in case it slipped through the cracks... Here's a little piece that thinks they've figured out the virus that's causing the colony collapse disorder of the honey bees.
Looks like we might be getting some Israeli honeybees!

Yup, people had sent it to me, but I hadn't put it up here. And should have done...


Over at you can see the CORALINE poster that Laika films made for Comic-Con.


Your nose looks fine in the Enormous Polaroid. I thought you might like to be reassured about this.

Also, that's a very nice photo for a camera phone (the photo you took of the Enormous Polaroid, I mean). Is it one of those iPhone things? I'm not trying to trick you into endorsing your camera phone - I'm genuinely curious as to which phone works that well.

Thank you!

My nose looks fine because the photographer sensibly had me looking in the other direction, so the side of my nose that had gone a bit wonky (but is now fine, thank you very much) is brilliantly hidden.

The phone is a Nokia N73, with a nice little 3.2 megapixel camera built in. I bought it a week ago in Amsterdam airport, and so far I really like it, although the little navigation button could be better designed. Here's a shot I took with it of the square in Mantova a couple of days ago, with one of the many festival tents below.

And now I'm going to do the sort of things you do when you fetch up in the UK and you've been travelling for a few weeks. I'm going to Boots, and I'm going to buy shaving oil and more toothpaste, for example. Then I'm going to M&S and I'm going to buy a black sweater or two, because it's going to get colder on my travels from here on out.

Then I think maybe I might do some writing. That would be nice.


Given that I was bragging the other night about how the readers of this blog between them know everything, I wondered if anyone knew whether there was a good on-line map of the actual journey from China to India made by the Monkey and his traveling companions in the Wu Cheng'en book Journey to the West?

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