Monday, September 10, 2007


Lots of people have written to ask if I'm doing an event in Japan. I was just given my schedule, which has 43 interviews on it over two days, but no public events or signings. I've told the people organising it that, if there is time and if I'm still standing at the end of the interview marathon, I'm very happy to do some kind of public event or signing, though. So we'll see, and I'll pass the information on as I get it.

Over at you can see the Beowulf Trailer and the TV spot. Meanwhile, over at there's all sorts of new content, and at US viewers can see a new Not-PG-13 trailer. If you can find the age and zipcode of a real American Resident, you can watch it outside the US.

I keep waiting for Mitch Benn to put up his third podcast, but he hasn't yet, so I'm going to point you all to where you can download a bunch of strange little Mitch Benn songs that aren't on CDs yet.

Someone wrote to ask about the various documentaries I mentioned recently -- one of them has a broadcast date -- details at

Susanna Clarke sent me this link, because, frankly, there's not enough knitting on this blog:

Nor have I ever posted before a link to Edward Gorey's The Trouble With Tribbles...