Monday, April 23, 2007

no cheese-based rants here

Most of yesterday's post got eaten by blogger, which is probably a good thing as it began with a lengthy rant about my disappointment with the dire soft yellow muck in a red wax Wallis-and-Gromited casing that calls itself Wensleydale that you can now buy in America, and how it's nothing at all like a proper Wensleydale (all white and nutty and crumbly and not in America), which would probably have left everyone reading this convinced that I was the kind of mad old man who writes about cheese and lost me any cool points I still possess.

Anyway, I'm now at Bryn Mawr, and Holly is eating the contents of the gift basket from the English department while I decide what I'm going to read tonight.


Am I crazy or was there a post about John Cale and Dave McKean up a while ago that is no longer there? Because, if I am crazy, I probably ought to know before I go teach 6th graders tomorrow (not that it would make much of a difference--being a bit crazy would probably help).
Thanks for your entertaining blog, btw...

It's still there -- -- and I found it the way I always find things on this site. I open a Google window and type and then whatever search terms I'm looking for.

Once I'd found it I tried the website's SEARCH feature and discovered that I couldn't find the Cale McKean entry using it, no matter how I tried. I'm still not clear why the people who did the big redesign on the site a few years ago got rid of a working Google search page for their own thing that doesn't work very well. It's on the list of things to fix, and I'm sure the webelf will. For now, if you're looking for something on this site I suggest you Google and then search away. Sorry about that.

Hello Mr. Gaiman... (I like dots...)

At the signing in that snowy hell of Leipzig you said there's a plan to round up all thesis that have been about your work and putting them on a page. Do you still consider doing something like this?

Greetings Thomas

It's definitely something I think someone ought to do as a resource. People hand me theses and papers on my stuff at signings, and many of the ones I look at seem to be covering similar ground, which makes me crinkle my brow and think that it would be easier for people if there was somewhere that academic work already done could be posted or available and be easily consulted. Back when the Dreaming website was active some papers were collected and posted there, and they are still up at

It's definitely something that needs to happen.


There's a review of the UK NEVERWHERE DVD at
and it appears that there are no extras at all on it. Not even the rather bemused commentary that I did for the US version (which is Region 0 and will play in UK players). I'm really sorry. There's so much cool stuff we could have put on a Neverwhere DVD, if there was time or the will to do it. Sigh.


And while I am at Bryn Mawr, the Birdchick is arriving at my house with bees. I wish I was there for the introduction of Bees to Hives, and hope that Sharon blogs about it.

Meanwhile, having read,

I'm just glad to be doing my part in the rebeeing of America.

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