Sunday, April 22, 2007

Lazy Sunday

Ivy McCloud's husband Scott phoned today. "We're 20 minutes away from you on the freeway," he said. "Can we stop by?" I said of course, and told him that I'd feed his family. So they stopped by, and I made some pasta sauce and pasta and fed them, and then -- after bouncing on the trampoline (them, not me) -- Winter and Sky did a Winterview with me, mostly on the stairs, and then after a few hours the McCloud gang got back on the road, and Maddy and I watched the Dr Who "Gridlock" episode, which I liked rather more than she did.

I see that the Fora TV broadcast of my reading at Cody's last year ( is now both embeddable and also downloadable in several different formats. Which is, I think, smart enough and nice enough that I plan to poke around Fora and see if there's anything there I want to download and watch. I'll embed the Cody's reading here. If you missed it before, it's about two hours of me reading, answering questions and then reading again.

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