Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Stone me, that was fast! Over at you will find
which is a place where papers on me-related stuff can be posted, with information on how to post papers, or where to email them if posting proves too problematic.

John Hodgman will not be hosting the Thursday PEN Moth event. Jonathan Ames will be.

People have written in to let me know that Kryptonite has been discovered and Army Wiccans can be buried.

And I had great fun reading at Bryn Mawr - I subjected a very patient audience to the whole of the second chapter of The Graveyard Book in handwritten first draft (well, I read it to them, I didn't force them to read it), and I got to learn where they laughed and what worked and what didn't quite.

Then I signed a book for each of them and stumbled away.

New York tomorrow. (Details of the four events I'm doing, and ticket info can be found at