Monday, October 09, 2006

tabs? you want 'em, we got 'em.

I'm really impressed so far with ICon -- there's an excitement and a sort of a life among the people there that you don't see as much at the UK and US conventions I've frequented, where a percentage of the people are a little bit blase, who mostly won't completely fill the hall for Opening Ceremonies and just bubble and bounce and are excited and happy and exciteable. It seems to be bounce and bubble all the way here, and It's very much its own thing. Lots of fun Sandman-related oddments on display as well -- I loved that the main doors to one of the halls are guarded by paintings of the Guardians on the Gate. Not done anything touristy today apart from travel from the airport to the hotel to the convention. Which isn't really very touristy at all.

Dear Mr. Gaiman,

Practically a year ago (which is two days from today), you came over to Vancouver for your 'Anansi Boys' tour. My friend and I asked you the silliest question of all: Mr. Gaiman, why do you always wear black?
It's always bugged me that I asked such a stupid question.
Well, over the weekend, a weight was lifted from my shoulders.
The theme of one of our public libraries is comic books and graphic novels. They had a little piece of paper with your picture on it and some info on you.
They stated that you always wear black because you're into the gothic aesthestic.
Well, now I can write to them and tell them that the reason you wear always wear black is so that all your clothes will match, making it easier for you to assemble an outfit. And if they question my resources, then I can tell them that you told me so yourself.
I'll take care to refer to them as well.

I guess in a way, that question that we asked didn't prove to be so useless. Thanks! (I do hope you were telling the truth that night.)


The fun thing about being among old friends in the UK at Fantasycon a few weeks ago was when someone reminded me that "that was back when you were still wearing grey, dear," and I realised I'd almost forgotten that I spent several years in grey before I went black, and mostly gave up because there are too many shades of grey (blue-greys and brown-greys and all sorts) and I could never get them to match...

Right. I promised I'd close some tabs... so here in no particular order are...

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An interview with Terry Gilliam about Good Omens (really, if someone would just give Terry $65,000,000 he could get going. Do you have $65,000,000 you don't need? Check your pockets. Maybe it's in a drawer somewhere. No? Look harder.).

Oh, and about that Terry Gilliam flash mob -- a full report is at

(See what a nice man he is? Now maybe you'll look harder for that $65,000,000. It might be in a jar somewhere.)

A few people have now written to alert me to and to ask me to pass it on:

Special panel at the 2007 College English Association Conference
March 29-31, 2007
New Orleans, LA
...This panel seeks 10-15 minute papers that explore unexamined questions about Gaiman’s novels. Although this panel will be open to any subject regarding Gaiman’s novels, special areas of interest include:

# Theory of the fantastic
# Use of traditional formats in a postmodern world (e.g., American Gods as road novel, Stardust as pre-Tolkien fairy tale)
# Deities and faerie creatures as metaphors
# The interaction between reader and text/the real and the unreal
# Gaiman’s portrayal of America (broadly defined)/Gaiman’s portrayal of England
# Literary theories applied to Gaiman’s novels (e.g., psychological, feminist, reader-response, etc.)

Abstracts should be 200-500 words, and should be submitted by November 1 at the following website:

For more information, please visit the following website:

Here's a transcript of the RU Sirius radio interview...

And then there's me chatting to Jessa Crispin at Bookslut - Which is much too chatty I expect, but has the virtue of me forgetting very quickly that the tape recorder was on, and drinking lots of green tea, and Jessa asking things people don't usually ask.

If you're bored of interviews with me by now (I am) then here's a lovely piece on Alan Moore by Paul Gravett --

If you aren't bored of stuff with me in then Lucy Anne is collecting links to interviews and things over at and doing a fine job of it too.

17 rules anyone who wants to be a professional illustrator (or a freelance anything) should know...

There's a March 2007 theatrical production of Mr Punch in Los Angeles -- details at

And a Discworld Cake: