Thursday, October 12, 2006

buoyed by the what of a what?

The computer seems to have restarted itself last night while I slept, eating a whole blog entry I hadn't quite got around to posting. Sigh. I'll try and reconstruct it (or write a whole new one) tonight.

I talked about Jerusalem, which I think may turn into a ghost story, and about the astonishing number of young ladies who want their bosomry signed by authors, which is apparently something that they are particularly keen on out here. ("We asked Orson Scott Card when he was here," one of them sighed, wistfully, "but he said as a good Mormon he could not sign any body parts.")

In the meantime, here's a USA Today review of Fragile Things. "They are fiercely playful and very grim, wisps of whimsy and wonder buoyed by the happy heart of a tragic poet. "