Sunday, October 08, 2006

"Farewell, good blog readers"

I think I like travel best when I've been at home long enough to get restless. Right now I'm not even settled in at home, and in ten minutes I leap into a car and head off to the airport, and, while I'm looking forward to seeing somewhere new and meeting new people, I'm not yet used to being home. (Yesterday I juiced all the Haralson apples, and I cooked lots of Hen of the Woods mushrooms, and I stood in the autumn sunlight and tried to explain to Maddy why I thought this was the best time of year of all, which I couldn't do without going all Bradbury.) (She's currently reading Stardust.)

It looks like I'll have an internet connection when I get there, so I'll finally do the close-all-the-tabs post. Meanwhile, has the Cranky Geeks episode.

Here's me talking to Euan Kerr on All Things Considered....

And here's the Newsday review of Fragile Things.,0,131203.story?coll=ny-bookreview-headlines

(I'm starting to think it might be fun to make a chart of the stories that get picked as the best and the worst. So far the reviews seem to have no clear favourites or dislikes...)

Um. I quote, "And now my daughter comes to tell me I have to leave for the plane right now. Farewell good blog readers, farewell," and then she added, "Maddy told me to say that.)