Sunday, April 23, 2006

tea break blogging

Another quick post-- I've got to keep typing things people are waiting for, I'm afraid.

I just got sent the Dave McKean cover of the CD of songs inspired by stuff I wrote, "Where's Neil When You Need Him?", and it looks most wonderful, and very Dave McKeany. I'll put it up here next time...

There's an article about Wolves in the Walls, and me, and, er, jet lag, in the European TIME this week --,13005,901060501-1186537,00.html.
(Puzzled about the "Mirrormask" profits comment though; from everything I've heard it's perfectly on track with where it was meant to be at this point.)

There are many things I keep meaning to write about here as soon as I get a moment -- Gene Wolfe's Soldier of Sidon (and the whole Soldier series), for example, or the new Rick Veitch graphic novel Can't Get No -- but something I promised myself I would talk about, and which instead I am simply going to point to Cheryl Morgan's excellent description of, is Polder -- It's a book celebrating John and Judith Clute, who are two people worth celebrating.

(Also, I keep meaning to mention that I read The Year's Best Comics and Graphic Novels -- it reprints part of a speech I gave at the Harvey Awards as its introduction -- and I couldn't understand why anyone would reprint apparently random chunks of comics stories, without any explanation of what you're reading, where you are in the story and what comes next, as a "Best of the Year". Lots of pages of comics in there, but no context for anything, which made what should have been a Year's Best feel instead like a sort of random and contextless sampler. Very odd. If they ever do any more, I hope they explain what they're printing. Or print whole things.)

Right. Back to work.