Monday, April 24, 2006

Merkins for Goats...

My initial response to this, upon clicking on the link, was "bloody hell, that was quick"...

Hi Neil,

I'm sure everyone and their aunt has already sent you this, but just in case they haven't I found this link with production pictures from Stardust:

I've only just finished reading the book and the scene in the pictures looks quite like the same scene in the book I think. I'm sure the film will turn out great (at least I hope so, because they definitely have great source material to work with) and I can't wait to watch it.

Good luck with all your current projects!
Michelle Scerri

No, you were the first and only one so far to find those photos -- but they must be from today's shoot in the Fairy Glen. I can't work out whether they're from a set photographer or from someone sneaking around with a telephoto lens.

That's from the scene where the Witch meets Ditchwater Sal, and they divide the hare and have an unfortunate incident with some Limbus Grass. And you can see the goats. (I was told that the goats are actually lady goats in drag, goat-merkins and all. This may be true, or it may just have been a film crew pulling the leg of a credulous writer...)

Hey Neil,

This might seem like a weird question. But do authors of your fame and stature ever have to deal with stalkers/paparazzi and their ilk. Or is that something solely reserved for the more visible celebrities? Just curious, as an aspiring writer/novelist/beat weirdo guy. Thanks.


So far, whenever I've encountered the papparazzi, they've always wanted to take photos of whoever I was with, and I was just the bloke standing beside the famous person. Which is a nice place to be, if you ask me.

I've never had a stalker, I'm glad to say, and am very happy for it to stay like that. I know a handful of authors who have had stalkers or unhinged fans hiding in their attics or whatever, though, so I think I'm either very lucky, or more likely, that I just have very nice fans.


Department of you can't argue with that, exactly...

Roger Avary (on the phone to someone): Listen to me, I know exactly what I'm talking about. My film is, after all, Number One.

(Roger wrote Silent Hill, and seems delighted by the critical drubbing combined with the huge commercial success, having previously always got it the other way around.)


Over at The Dreaming website Lucy Anne has tracked down dozens of articles and reviews and suchlike, many of which I'd not seen before --
is the place to go to read the Time Out interview or lots more Wolves Reviews and articles, or even longer Stardust cast lists, or all sorts of things I should have mentioned here but forgot (like this