Friday, April 21, 2006

Zoom (me arriving) Zoom (me leaving)

I've been actually at home for the last day or so, and I need to leave almost immediately to go and work on Black Hole, so have spent the last two days Not Blogging, but instead doing things like going and buying lots of small samples of blue paint for Maddy's wall, and putting them on so that she could decide what colour it's going to be (and let her use up the excess sample paint writing MADDY WAS HERE on her wall in leftover Ocean Mist), sorting out the firefly lights so they're now working, checking out the plum trees and the grapevines and getting songs onto Maddy's iPod Nano (a gift from Paramount for Stardust's first day of shooting; I already had one from Beowulf's first day of shooting). Also took Maddy to Dairy Queen.

I was going to link to the Quotable Neil website as a way of avoiding posting, and I realised on reading that one of the good things about having a blog for years and years is that your opinions change -- my opinion of webcomics, for example, has gone way up since that early 2002 post, mostly because that Scott McCloud would insist on pointing me at good ones...

A lovely review of the WOLVES IN THE WALLS play from the Daily Telegraph -- one from What's On Stage (, from Rogues and Vagabonds (
and from Scottish Theatre Web (

Meanwhile the STARDUST army seems to have invaded the Highlands and Islands. I don't know what it says about me, but the bit in this article that made me smile widest was where the B and B owner said ""All the crew members are really polite". I thought, oh good. That's a relief. I can go back to Scotland, then.

I am planning on making the trip to Balticon to hear you speak.
However, the people from Balticon have not yet published any kind of schedule. They are only saying that the guest of honor will have his choice of which events to attend.
So my question to you is, will you be there for the whole convention or is there a specific day I should plan on being there to hear you speak?

My other question to you is, is it ok to photograph while you speak? No flash.

kim bush

I'm there for the whole convention (although I suppose that if the plane from Australia is delayed I might be slightly late on Friday). I don't know my schedule I'm afraid, but I'll be around for the whole thing.

Hi Neil. This isn't so much a question as much as it is a statement. I took it upon myself to be one of the first people to get a tattoo from MirrorMask. I have adorned my leg with some of the sage-like advice from the Very Useful Book:

All I ask is that both Dave and yourself do not go senile in your old age and to MirrorMask what George Lucas did to Star Wars. I hear the tattoo-laser removal process is painful.

I'll bear that in mind...

Mr. Gaiman:

I thought you might find this interesting.

Basically: A fanfiction author decides to publish her work.

Sigh. That's asking to be squished like a small and particularly squishy bug under the mighty bug-squishing thumb of George Lucas, really, isn't it?