Tuesday, October 11, 2005

End of Round One

Well, that last one was odd, like putting a foot down on a step that isn't there, but now it's all over for a few weeks, before the UK tour (and a Dublin trip). And I have come to rest at home.

Did some fun NPR stuff today (here's the stream for Midmorning, not certain if the Mary Lucia interview at the Current is up anywhere yet) , and also recorded an acceptance speech for the Quill Awards, in case 1602 wins, because you couldn't get me back on a plane to go to New York and put on a dinner jacket at gunpoint right now.

I'll try and do a post about my adventures on the road for the last three weeks at some point soon...

So Neil, what did your wife say when she found out you lost a thousand dollar Waterman pen? I was in the dog house for a week once when I left a pair of hundred dollar sunglasses lay at a Mcdonald's in North Platte Nebraska. Its been three years, and she still brings up those glasses. Eric

You'll be happy to hear that vintage Waterman 52 pens (if you aren't a pen collector, but just want something to sign books with) are significantly less than $1000. By a good $950, for the most part...

Neil-About a month ago I received a loverly notice from Harper Collins Author Tracker that the re-launch of was coming soon to a browser near me! Now, I had expected this to occur after the release of Anansi Boys or Mirrormask, however the site still appears to be the same...So my question in short is, do you have any idea about when the new site design will be launched? I'm curious to see what elements it plays on!!And if you can stand some fan "gushing" I absolutely adore Anansi Boys, and I actually feel it bears a resemblance in style to Neverwhere (which isn't a comparison I've heard yet). I won't go into details to spare those who haven't read it yet, but again, fabulous!-Jen

It's pretty much done. Unfortunately I had to go off on tour as it was nearly ready, and I couldn't sign off on it, or learn the secrets to making it work. Soon. It looks nice, lots of work has gone into it, and I'm hoping stuff will be a lot easier to find...