Tuesday, October 11, 2005

UK update

More UK details over at Where's Neil ( (at least, the phone numbers should now be right). Dublin will be either one or two days after the last UK event, with a signing and possibly more cool event-type things happening there, and I'm waiting for information I can post to come in from Cormac (AKA Our Man in Dublin).

It looks like one change has already happened to the venue in Edinburgh, though...

Hi Neil, hope you're feeling better after finally getting home to bed...
a quick housekeeping note on the uk tour: waterstones in edinburgh has moved the venue for your reading/signing session as demand is, well, demanding. you're now in a converted church, i believe (and much closer to my flat, hurrah), hopefully more atmospheric than a bookshop.
i'm really looking forward to hearing you read - i just finished the book a couple of nights ago and can't wait to re-read it already! it makes me sad that i can't write like you do, but then very happy that someone can write like that and i can read it. also, as a freelance newspaper sub-editor, i love the fact that you use punctuation so beautifully. (i know, a strange compliment, but it is a compliment, trust me!)
thanks for writing, and thanks for blogging - it just makes the books better when we get to hear about the process.


You're welcome.

Lots and lots of interesting clippings on ANANSI, MIRRORMASK and so on out there, but it is with enormous pleasure that I point you all to The Dreaming where Lucy Anne has assembled them all, and more, for your reading enjoyment.