Sunday, October 09, 2005


The best bit about getting home, apart from hugging Maddy who has, I am convinced, grown in the last three weeks, was wandering through the frostbitten garden, discovering all the things like leeks and broccoli and carrots that don't mind the frost. Picked lots of eggplants. Then wandered inside where I opened a handful of letters and packages -- discovered I'd been sent an iPod Nano as a gift, and there were a couple of different Best of the Year anthologies with "The Problem of Susan" in them on the kitchen table. Plugged in and activated a replacement Tivo from, watched a black and white episode of Bewitched with Maddy, and then put her to bed.

Mounds of unanswered email. Dozens of unposted FAQs. Ah well.

Lots of people writing in to ask why I didn't blog about their signing or event -- was it that bad? -- and the answer is no, I just went to sleep instead of posting that night, and haven't caught up. After most of those signings, when the choice was blog or sleep, it was no contest.

I'm cheerfully braindead today. Will need to function tomorrow (Monday) with lots of radio interviews and the Mall of America event. Then I can be braindead again.

Hi Neil,You're mentioned (in a somewhat disturbing - yet loving - way) in a webcomic. Link's here: Wonder if you get that sort of thing much.

How kind. And not as far as I know. At least for the present, my children remain uneaten.

Lots of variations on,

Hullo Neil,I was just wondering about your photo on the back cover of Anansi Boys. Is it an old picture? You look about twenty. (One of my aunts who brought it here from Virginia browsed through it and exclaimed, "But he's a kid!" ) No offense -- we think you're way cuter now you're in your forties.Warm regards,Tania

No, it's a detail of a photo taken in January. You can see the original up at

Hey Neil...Its Joe from New Orleans...Are you still making it down here this year or has everything been cancelled...?

It's been postponed -- from the website (
Pending availability of the Louisiana State Capitol building, the next Louisiana Book Festival will be presented on Saturday, March 11, 2006.
I don't yet know if I'll be able to be there.

It seems like you've divorced yourself from your comics on your website. It's my opinion that your comics are some of your greatest works, some of your comics even greater than your novels. Is there a reason why you seem to have distanced yourself? Ben

Because is built and maintained by Harper Collins, which means that they put their overall emphasis on the books when it was contructed. If anyone wanted to volunteer to expand the whole section, I'm sure that the webmistress would be delighted.

Hi Neil, have you seen the interview with you and Susanna Clarke on It's quite good, but if I were you, I might take issue with the illustration at the top of the article. It makes you look rather like a pudgy woman which, the last time I saw you at least, you were not.

Oh, I don't know. I may look a bit sketchy, but Susanna is unrecognisable. Nice interview, though. (and there's a review of ANANSI BOYS at here -- You'll need to watch an ad to read it, though.

Okay. Bed now. More blog probably Tuesday...