Monday, April 04, 2005

small happy things

You know, I was in a lousy mood -- I'm way behind on everything, I only get two days at home before getting on a plane and plunging into more Beowulf and one of those days has already gone, I've an injured cat, unopened mail, unanswered email, a year that's already too full (and it's only April), I really really need a quiet week at home and to finish a few things that are almost done, and tomorrow's going to be eaten up with phone calls that have to happen...

...and then, when I'm at my testiest, I get an e-mail from Henry Selick, containing a bunch of art designs for his Coraline movie and demos of four They Might Be Giants songs in MP3 for it, and all of a sudden, the world is a great deal less stressful, and I'm not anywhere nearly as testy as I was before. Actually, I'm pretty cheerful.

I think I'm going to play those songs again now.