Monday, April 04, 2005

quick ones

Thank you all so much for the Spider information. Please, no more. I've now got about a hundred weblinks to read and digest, along with a number of useful summaries of conversations with museum and hospital personel, not to mention emails from the occasional researcher. I'll summarise it all for the interested as soon as I'm sure I've got it all straight (some of it is contradictory).

Meanwhile, a rumour that Life, the Universe and Douglas Adams may be a DVD extra on the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy film at (This was the documentary on Douglas for which I did the narration.)

Yes, I spelled Trekkie and Trekker wrong yesterday. This was a very bad thing to have done, and has upset some people. I trust that those who have written in about it will consider this a formal apology.

Had a long conversation with Ginger at Writers House, who will be coordinating Singapore and Philippines trip, followed by the Australian visit for Continuum in Melbourne, followed by some Australian signings in July, filled with discussions of the "But if I'm flying in via Sydney surely it doesn't make any sense for me to fly from Melbourne to Sydney to Brisbane and then back to Sydney to fly out..." variety, along with a brief debate on the merits of round-the-world tickets and on what exactly constitutes a day off. I'll announce it all here as soon as I can.

And finally,

is a little bit scary.

PS: Fred the Unlucky Black Cat is currently confined -- grumbling and limping -- to a bedroom on painkillers while we find out whether he's going to recover on his own from what the vet thinks are the effects of a nasty fall.