Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Chicago Location change

Very quick one -- apparently the Chicago people weren't expecting the tickets for the talk to sell out with quite the speed they did, so they've changed the location to the Court Theater (Directions at which is a little larger than the previous location, so I think it's extremely probable that there will be another hundred tickets going on sale after 10:00am on the morning of April the 18th.)

There's a lovely interview with Charles Vess over at Suicide Girls: (and having gone over there to read that, I wound up reading the Woody Allen interview and the Darren Aronofsky). Suicide Girls really has the best assemblage of cool interviews with people that's out there.

Hi Neil,I don't know if you've heard already but Radio 4 have just started running a series of dramatisations of the G K Chesterton stories "The Club of Queer Trades", which I thought you might be interested in. The first one was on Monday and there'll be an episode up on Listen Again each week. See: Regards, Helen

Thanks, Helen.

This will be the nine billionth time you have been sent this, but I saw it and thought of you. Had we but world enough and time, we could do something similar for you. "Once upon a time there was a god called Morphine ..."Love to Fred the Unlucky Cat.- Hilary Broadribb

That is wicked and hilarious. The trouble is it's not just kids using the site for homework, it's also lazy journalists (the kind who describe American Gods as being "about two men meeting on a plane"), and people just doing a google who haven't quite realised where they've arrived.

Dear Mr. Gaiman, I am a supervisor at Borders Books and Music in Buffalo NY. I have a huge sci/fi clientelle, many of whom have asked me to contact you regarding a signing in our store. I would like to invite you to do so, should any of your upcoming signing tours make Buffalo a convenient stopping point. In the past 2 years, we have had signings by Larry Niven, Brian Lumley, Jack McDevitt, Steven Brust, Allen Steele, James Alan Gardner, Lynn Flewelling, Anne Bishop, Josepha Sherman, et al. At all of these events the question always arrises, "can you get Neil Gaiman to sign here?" I realize Buffalo is out-of-the-way for you, but should your travels permit, this is an open invitation for anytime in the future. Thanks so much for your time; I'm looking forward to hearing from you! Yours,Ron Cable

Hi Ron (and I'm putting this up here because I get lots of similar requests). I really don't choose where I go and sign books. If you want me, if you're in the US, the best place to ask is Harper Collins (Jack Womack is the publicist who currently handles things like that) and he'll see if he can fit you in to the next tour. Talk to your Harper Collins rep. And if you're in another country, let my publisher know that you'd like me to sign -- they do remember.