Saturday, January 29, 2005

late night rambling now has a current trailer up (in "previews"). No, I don't know why the apostrophe on "people's" is in the wrong place, but I'm sure it'll be fixed sooner or later.

The premiere happened. I think it went okay.

(I was slightly frustrated by the sound mix, which kept losing lines of dialogue beneath effects or music, which I was told by the producer had something to do with the way they had to prepare the sound for Sundance's specs (?) and won't be like that on the finished-finished film.)

There's a review up at
and another at

Joe McCabe's "Hanging Out With the Dream King" book of interviews is reviewed at

I'm on the cover of Locus, with a photo taken at Worldcon in September. (Actually, I do have a right arm. Or I'm pretty sure I did then.)