Friday, January 28, 2005

that first day of school feeling

Quick one -- the Clarion auction has gone live. Bids by e-mail. Check it out at

And the second phase of the Beguiling Tsunami Auction is up on eBay -- I donated a Simon Bisley painting of Batman, done for a project that never happened, which Simon gave me about fifteen years ago. There's also a gorgeous Charles Vess painting, and the Dave Sim Cerebus Lord Julius (Groucho Marx) like-a-looks cover. for details.

Woke up, realised we have the Sundance MirrorMask premiere today, and found that going back to sleep -- on the only Sundance day I didn't have to be up really early -- was quite impossible. I'm... not exactly nervous. It's more just like every first day of school I remember all rolled into one: a sort of layer cake of emotions somewhere in the pit of my stomach made up of trepidation, inevitability, and stumbling into the unknown. (Thank heavens Dave's going to have to introduce the film tonight, and I won't have to do anything till the Q&A when it's over. God I hope people like it.)