Sunday, January 30, 2005

The '05 model

Me, taken on my camera by Dave McKean during the MirrorMask screening today. Yes, I look (and am) terribly tired, but am also pretty happy -- the screening today felt much better than the one yesterday in the Eccles. Despite the temperatures in the cinema being stiflingly hot, people laughed at the jokes and seemed to be enjoying it. (Last night the audience felt much more respectful, or perhaps more detached.)

Dear Mr. Gaiman,I respect you greatly as an author and so I would like to pose a question to you. My friend and I currently have a bet going on regarding apostrophe usage. I had been told that when writing the possessive of a proper noun (let's say it's Lewis), you can write either Lewis' or Lewis's and either form would be acceptable. Her professor told her that you could only omit the extra s after the apostrophe if the person was famous and dead. I've never heard of such a gramatical rule before and we got into a minor tiff about it. I fully admit that we are rather pathetic to argue about such things, but life is rather boring here. There is a dinner riding on this, and as I am a poor college student, would prefer to have her pay for it. I hope that you enjoy Sundance! I really wish I was there; I would love to see Mirrormask. At any rate, I am looking forward to Anansi Boys and I love your blog.Warmest regards, Mary Bongiovi

It's mostly a matter of "house style". I've written for publishers and magazines who liked it one way, and others who liked it the other. Your friend's professor was probably joking. I'm glad to say that, despite "Neil Gaiman and Charles Vess' Stardust" Charles Vess is not even slightly dead. *

dear neil, i'm nico and i'm coming from France.Can you put the light on the distribution of your new 'baby': Mirrormask ?It's not really clear at the moment and i wonder if this film will be updated in french version (subtitle or dubbing). despite the fact that your books have been translated in french version all the senses have been respected.i hope that this movie will be in the same way.My english is not perfect but you have all my respect.I speak english like a frog probably i'm in a fog.merci <<<<<<<<<<<<>

I'm afraid it's too soon for me to know anything about foreign distribution of MirrorMask. Obviously, I hope it'll get out as widely as possible. I certainly hope that if it's dubbed or subbed it'll be done respectfully and as accurately as possible.


* Yes, I know the caption is "Neil Gaiman and Charles Vess's Stardust" but that's just Amazon being sloppy. The word in the book title, visible on the book, is Vess'.