Saturday, May 15, 2004

If this is Saturday it must be... where the hell am I anyway?

I was on the West Coast yesterday, am on the East Coast today and will be home again tomorrow. Yes, I travel too much.

There are links to all the Hugo Award nominated fiction that's on-line up at Lots of really good reading there.

The site of the Library of Alexandria has been found:

Jason Ahlquist has an interview which he wanted to do just before Penguicon, only nobody told me about it, so I wasn't there yet, which meant that he did it at the very end of Penguicon, when I was exhausted. He did an excellent job, though: it's at The beard is still on -- I wanted to keep it until the horror-hosting thingie was done with. I think it probably comes off today or tomorrow...

Hey Neil. I just read something about directors being found for the film adaptation of "The Books of Magic," and I was wondering if you had any information about the project.

Also, and I'm not sure if you'd know this, but the article I read mentioned two guys as directing the movie, and I thought the Director's Guild has a rule stating that only one person can get the "Directed By" credit, which is why, if I remember correctly, Robert Rodriguez dropped out of the Director's Guild, because they wouldn't allow Frank Miller to share a "Directed By" credit for the upcoming "Sin City" movie...or maybe they wouldn't allow Frank to have a credit because he's not a member of the Guild...I might have just answered my own question.

Still curious about "The Books of Magic," though.

dave golbitz

As far as I know, the Director's Guild lets you co-direct films if you started out as a directorial team -- like the Wachowski brothers. Here's an article about the Sin City Film -- no idea how accurate it is.

I signed on as Executive Producer of the Books of Magic film about five years ago, which meant I got to read the scripts, and offer opinions. It didn't mean they had to listen to my opinions.

My current opinion is that I hope that they make the Books of Magic movie closer in spirit to the comic than it currently is, otherwise they'll have a lot of very grumpy comics fans and me. But it's still in the development process, and now they have directors on board we'll see what happens.

Hey Neil, just a note: The feed you recommend in the RSS link at the top of your journal ( is now offering bizarre URLs for all of your entries (the latest is which results in an Internal Server Error:

The include file '../asp/css.asp' was not found.
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Since you claimed in this latest entry that everything was now worked out, I figured I should let you know about this problem. Good luck!

Oh dear. Well, I'm sure that Blogger will fix it -- they're incredibly helpful -- and I'll try and get them to do it without dumping another dozen posts into people's livejournal friends list.