Monday, May 17, 2004

three things

Let's see...

1) I'm home again. Typing this on a new computer I'm just starting to get used to.

2) Seeing that the Fox Movie Channel thing is all over and done with (although it won't be broadcast until the thirteen days before Hallowe'en 2004), I shaved off the beard last night. I think it'll stay off for a while now. (Under the Stephen King Rules, authors are allowed to grow beards and then shave them off again, though.)

3) Er, that's it.

All the e-mail and notes and things are on another computer, one I'm not typing on this minute, so before I go to bed I shall simply point out that there's now a Sandman script up over in Exclusives. It's the script for Sandman 24 -- the third part of SEASON OF MISTS. Very shortly after it was written, I posted it to Compuserve's comics forum library, because people were asking what Sandman scripts looked like (I'm pretty sure that DREAM COUNTRY hadn't come out yet), and had, in the thirteen years since then, I'd pretty much forgotten it was up there. Recently I was alerted to the fact that some people had started selling the printout of the script on eBay for lots of money. This seemed wrong, so I asked Julia Bannon if she'd put it up here at, and she has:

good night.