Friday, May 14, 2004

Sorry again (I hope that's the last sorry for a bit)

Argh. Well, Blogger needed to fix some changes in the way that it did URLS, so that my permalinks would work again, and they did, but it meant republishing the blog with the correct URLS, which dumped another slew of old entries into people's Livejournal feeds. That should be the last time that happens for another year or so. I'm really sorry, but it should be safe to keep (or put) OfficalGaiman on your livejournal friends list, at least for the time being.

So I did another long, long day, and Fox Movie Channel's 13 Nights of Fright is all in the can. It'll be shown on Fox Movie Channel for the 13 days before Halloween. And while I don't know how people who a) don't get Fox Movie Channel or b) live in countries where they don't have Fox Movie Channel will be able to watch it, I do know that Fox Movie Channel are planning to put up lots of outtakes, trailers and bits, not to mention screensavers and god-knows what else on their website. Some of it will be guarded by passwords, which they don't seem to mind me giving away or linking to from my journal. So I'll try and give you information as I get it.

So I read my autocue today, and Malena continued to be very funny. She's silent through the whole thing, and a terrific silent comedian, which means she got to steal every scene she's in, which was pretty much all of them. Spent more time in the coffin today, as did she. (Not at the same time, though.) Also appeared magically in a crystal ball, produced something from a top hat during a silent black and white sequence, and did lots of other extremely silly things.

And now I'm really tired. It's the whole second twelve-hour days without any real breaks, in front of the cameras, I think. It was fun, though. And very silly. And I'm glad I did it.

Do you ever worry that future generations will remember you only for some utterly irrelevant act of yours instead of your writing? Does the thought of your obituary reading "Neil Gaiman, noted horror show host, died October 11th, 2037. He was also a writer." send shivers down your spine?

This is Dylan.

No. But I think I should probably avoid dying for the next six months, otherwise the photos of me in the coffin that I hope to post here next week will be widely perceived as being in absolutely terrible taste.


Good news in from Julia Bannon, the webmaster: by kind permission of Del Ray books, my short story "A Study In Emerald", from the book "Shadows over Baker Street", is now posted at It's up on line because it's nominated for a Hugo Award, which allows the people voting to read it, and everyone else besides. (I'll post the URLS for the other Hugo-nominated stories that are up online, if I can find them.)