Thursday, September 04, 2003

Better value than Steve Martin! And still cheaper!

The nice people doing the construction work at the end of our drive just came up to the door to let us know that they'd just put a bulldozer through our phone lines...

So I'm phone-less. Luckily the internet's a satellite... is the Diamond Distributors "Comic Store Locator", for the US and UK. is a weird but true news story about guns and tomatoes.

And while the FAQ line is down, I'll stick up some previously unanswered questions, like:

Reminded of something: "and if I don't miss the deadline, I'm meant to be writing a Sherlock-Holmes-meets-the-Chulhu-mythos story very soon."

I take it you missed the deadline?


Nope, made it just fine, thank you very much. It'll be in a book called SHADOWS OVER BAKER STREET, which comes out very soon, and is, I think, my favourite of all the stories I've written in the last few years. It's called "A Study In Emerald".


Today's post brought:

A finished copy of Sandman:Endless Nights.

The Japanese hardback edition of Coraline with some really cute, strange, original Japanese illustrations.

1602 #1 (so I finally got to read a finished copy).

More of Dave Mckean's new SANDMAN covers. (As the books go back to press, they'll come out with the new design. It's prettier than the first uniform edition).

And things are looking good for New York is Book Country. You need special expensive VIP tickets to be one of the 50 people Steve Martin will sign for, at the Saturday morning event. I, on the other hand, will sign for everyone there on the Saturday (tickets are needed for the event), at least as far as I know, and NYIBC isn't charging any extra for the privilege...

I'll be signing (for free!) at the Fifth Avenue Street fair on Sunday Morning, but only for an hour (and it can't overrun, as someone else will be in the seat after an hour), so if you want a signature, get there early.


Over on Where's Neil, I've posted the first of the UK events -- FOYLES bookshop are hosting an event on Nov 14th. It's listed as me, but I think it's actually going to be me and Dave McKean and a special guest interviewer.