Thursday, September 04, 2003

Themeless in Gaza

The message line is still down, but I was cheered by being copied on e-mails this morning that seem to mean that unless it gets sorted out permanently soon, we'll be finding somewhere else to host the site.

Felicia Quon just sent me a link to a nice article in the Toronto Globe and Mail -- I was amused by the intro, the bit written by sub editors at the paper, not by Luma, the journalist (who has, she told me, a wolf, a tame one that appears on TV, living upstairs from her) which says: Not just a comic-book hero. Neil Gaiman, author of the groundbreaking Sandman series, now frightens kids, including his own, LUMA MUHTADIE finds ("What do you do for a living?" "I used to write a comic, but now I frighten children.")

Over at the Radio 4 site, I see the second series of Ross Noble Goes Global is up for listening at Radio 4. Ross Noble is sort of like a Geordie Eddie Izzard, in that he's nothing at all like Eddie Izzard, but if you're going to point at someone to compare him to, Eddie's a good person to point at. (Good review of his new show at the Telegraph site.)

Brian Hibbs, at San Francisco's Comix Experience writes to say:

Might want to point it out in the blog that the ENDLESS NIGHTS Special is out -- as far as I know, it's ONLY available to direct market comic shops, and even then, only to those that a) topped their orders on DREAM HUNTERS and b) thought that there would be demand for 1/7th of the HC before the full book ships in 2 weeks.

This probably means that it has the lowest orders of a SANDMAN comic, ever...

(then you probably want to tell people what it is, like)


The Endless Nights Special is a 'taster" -- a 24 page comic, with the Miguelanxo Prado Dream story in it. It's for people who aren't sure that they want to buy a whole hardback book, but would like to see what the fuss is about. It's about Morpheus, and his first girlfriend, and it's set a very long time ago. No, longer ago than that...


So far today I've done four interviews with journalists for WOLVES IN THE WALLS, although, like yesterday's NEVERWHERE DVD interviews, they've wandered all over the place. Which is sort of fun.