Friday, August 29, 2003

in Toronto; and the urge to annotate...

I'm in Toronto. Should spend this afternoon being interviewed (Macleans, CBC Newsworld and the Globe and Mail) and signing stock, and such.


Hi Neil,

I know you're aware of Jess Nevins excellent 1602 Annotations, but I was wondering if you'd read this peice (;f=19;t=1722) by Ed Cunard at He goes page by page and sort of makes plain talk of the various puzzle peices. I just thought you'd find it fun to read how people are trying to unravel your ball of twine so early, and maybe even make you think "Hmm... I hadn't thought of that" a few times.

To Maddy: Happy Birthday! I hired a copy of The School Story from my library to read to my young cousin today in your honor.

- Phil

Thanks. I think the article is actually by Jason Pomerantz.

There's another interesting set of annotations occurring at, while Jess's annotations are growing in leaps and bounds at


Right. Toronto signing at Chapters tomorrow (saturday) in case anyone came in late...

Oh, and finally...

Hi Neil,

You might find the following comic very interesting, especially since it has a drawing of you:
It's all true, by the way.

Nicole Lee from San Francisco

Congratulations to both of you! (Nicole was one of the first people in line at the Thursday DC signing, and she says I should come and sign in Malaysia. And I should.)