Thursday, August 28, 2003

Terry Pratchett and Lucy Anne

Washington DC people should know that on Sept 30th at 6:30pm, Terry Pratchett will be in conversation with Michael Dirda, at the Omni Shoreham Hotel, talking about Good Omens, which is the Washington Post Book of the Month. Undoubtedly also answering audience questions about everything under the sun, and signing books as well. I ought to be there, but I spectacularly failed Bilocation at school, so although I will be in Finland (possibly even in Sweden by that point) I won't also be in Washington.

And while this journal isn't a personal column, or a help wanted, I wanted to put in a plug for Randi, AKA Lucy Anne, who is the tireless finder of cool stuff over at the Dreaming website ( She's looking for a new job -- her resume is up at

And given that an awful lot of people read this blog, I thought I'd see if I could help get her gainfully employed again.
She says that, ignoring the resume-speak, what I
do is find needles-in-haystacks using the Internet, phone
contacts, print sources, and news aggregators like Factiva
and Nexis, on topics ranging from pharmaceuticals pipelines
to consumer product trends to technology predictions.

Oh yes, and in my spare time, I'm library administrator,
magazine coordinator, and trainer for information services.

I'm looking to do the same for a corporation that needs an
quick and organized research librarian, but will happily
work as an administrative assistant if the position allows
me learn new skills.