Saturday, August 30, 2003

En route to slumberland

For those of us not leaving the TorCon area (convention center, hotel, etc.) is there a place where you might be found before the Hugos or after the Hugo party that lowly folks like me might have access to?


I honestly don't know. Before the Hugos I'll be at the pre-Hugos reception, where I shall admire China's suit. Afterwards, I'll be around. (Last year I was mostly sitting in the hotel lobby drinking and chatting with Terry Pratchett and Janis Ian and several other nice people and saying "thank you" a lot when people congratulated me.)

I know I'm doing a reading at Torcon at 11:00 am on Sunday. I don't yet know which space it'll be in -- keep an eye on the daily updates. I'll read an unpublished story, though.


Fascinating interview with Elvis Costello about life, love and North -- his new album -- in the Guardian.

Mr Gaiman,
This is kind of a strange request. You know the speech in American Gods where Sam tells Shadow what she can believe? May I have your permission to use it as a monologue for an audition?
Either way, thanks for your time.

Sure. I'm happy for anyone to use anything I've written as an audition piece -- it's not like anyone is paying to see it, after all...

& so to bed.