Saturday, July 26, 2003

Whether or not I know how old I am....

Hey Neil,
I really love all your stuff and the blog too. I think i found a small goof in the endless nights webpage. You wrote that your birthday was November 10th, 1960 and that you are currently 43 years old. Now i have the same birthday in 1980 and i know that i'm 22 years old. Oh well, keep up the wonderful writing, and i hope to see you in Charlotte in the fall.


When I wrote it, it said 42 years old. When I handed it in to them, it said 42 years old. In the biography pages of Endless Nights, where it appears, it still says 42 years old (on the version they printed out for me, anyway). I suppose someone on the DC Comics website presumed I don't know how old I am, and fixed it, so I'm now 43. Odd, isn't it?

Incidentally, the first official use of one of the photos from the photo session in Minneapolis a few weeks ago can be seen on that bio page. The slightly unfortunate just-got-out-of-the-shower-look is a result of having dozens of different hair care products applied by the hair-and-make-up lady in an attempt to turn a sort of spontaneous hair explosion into something photographable. (Although they're the first photos of me I can remember where you can actually see what colour my eyes are. For whatever that's worth.)

There's a report on the San Diego MirrorMask panel at and a still here, and the proposal cover sheet image here, along with their reproduction of the Entertainment Weekly still...

Andy Kubert is interviewed at Newsarama -- there are also some very nice small images of pages from the first couple of issues of 1602, that link to much larger ones.

And the journal's Official Birdlady says:

I'm sure the media is going to put a spin on this that crows were trying to
aid the baby, but I think this is more along the lines of they were trying
to find a bigger predator to finish the job so they could eat it.

She attached a link to this Newsday article on some selfless crows, or no-so.

Sharon Stiteler

Meanwhile her husband Bill sends us this link, also to a smart crow... And I start to worry that either the crows or the Stitelers are trying to tell us something.

Let's see...

at san diego, did you learn whether frank miller is working on anything we can expect to see any time soon?

Nope. I forgot to ask him. He and I got to share a dinner and a signing, and we were very good and chatted to the people who bought us on eBay at the dinners (for the CBLDF), and to all the people at the signings, and in all that I forgot to say "what are you working on...?" Sorry.


And Spy Kids 3 (in case you were wondering) felt like Rodruigez had plotted one of those 20 minute Disneyworld "put on your 3-D glasses here" attraction-films, then taken that plot and made a feature film out of it. I would have loved the mini-movie, didn't love the feature. (And I was very fond of both the first two films -- smart, lean film-making which did exactly what it set out to do.)

But I loved the technical side of it.